just a book


I am reading this great book about Egyptian culture. Ancient Conversations by two-time winning Pulitzer prize winner. I like these sort of books, the ones where we get lost into with life, and come back again. I donít have to worry about humans reading this or anything I ever read.

so this book, got out there, with the gods all fucking each otherÖ over and over again, ripping heads off, penises, pussies, until they get it all right with what are the clouds and thunder. I am reading another book about clouds and thunder.. one where American governments extract as much as they can from the globe around them, there are spies and girls and this is the stories we donít have here. everything is not me.

My kid, me taking a picture of him,
Me taking a picture of my wife.
I move like this all over our world, I have lightening, I have clouds, tornadoes until it gets caught into them

They just look back at me. very humble.