Chin'an gu nin yu


I am trying to think of anytime a government program has ever benefited me. not counting roads or postal services but more day to day getting by scratch. Unemployment was one, and that might be state. The only thing I can come up with is the Army. These are only the things that I see. Perhaps all of the government helps me in some way. Actually, if I think about it like that, it helps me immensely. By giving native communities just enough to fail. They don’t want bullshit anymore, so they take their slow dollars in invest in me… and I try my hardest over and over again to make it grow. I preach independence and try to become less reliant on grants and let’s maximize everything that works. And we do, they do, they are good at this instinctively, less is best. Better than any for profit that I have ever seen. When they get it. These for profits come and go and die all around us… I think it is funny when I think about the Gaul/Celtic wars of the Roman Empire. The norther might that the Roman Empire went against and almost actually lost. Just barely winning. There were tribes that were united in 100 of thousands, there has never been an American Indian force united like this, but anyways, they put the Roman Army on the brink, it was luck and a few other things that allowed the Romans to win.
But if you go there now, you can speak to the Irish, they where there in “Gaul” which is basically France… and if you ask them who “won”
They would say “we are still here and we still Galic, how many people are speaking Latin” in a way they won over the years.
I like to think this about Native Americans, we will come and go, they will still be here and make the moves.