chris the ding dong


I was obviously the best basketball player that Chris has ever seen. I really didn’t try at all to chuck threes over his balding head. Or drive left and right on him and rise above him. It was easy. I was about a buck 50 with a 36-inch vertical.

Chris was Chris… choppy with a lot of tenacity. He was funny, I was just a kid, just meeting him and he just meeting me… I never really was all that into basketball, I was into skateboarding but not much folks were into it, I was into girls. These wankers. Basketball was sort of fun, I would just do it.

Chris got really good at driving left.

It was weird, he could shut you down on a basketball court just doing this weird thing… I really didn’t care about it because I was lining up pussy, but I didn’t like losing, I was losing. Over and over again, he would giggle and run around and drive left… eventfully I shut it down and made him go right, but he was good that way too.

Chris was really good at just fucking driving. He drove for Sargent Major Crane,

He would pick me up at the airport, I was always a little stressed, he was always trying out a new some stupid voice technology… but man could this kid weave. In the traffic “get out of my way dildo baggins” he would say… he would play a song, a song I have never heard before and just bend time on the fee way… he would get all there, just listen to him, he will get you there.

Fuck chris… you fucking ding dong.