He said he had received the court order and didn't like it, and that she was a bitch and lousy lover. *** (how many sentences begin with the letter 'A'?)


Feb. 20
A 33-year-old Friday Harbor woman was cited for violation of a court order prohibiting her from going into bars or taverns after she was seen in a Friday Harbor bar.

An 18-year-old Friday Harbor man was cited for minor in possession of alcohol and driving with all four wheels off the roadway.

A bicycle found on Highlands and Mineral Heights Road was taken to the sheriff's office.

Feb. 19
A bicycle found on Salmonberry Lane was taken to the sheriff's office.

A 46-year-old Friday Harbor man reported a hit and run accident. A tan Honda driven by a gray-haired woman struck the right rear tire of his Chevy truck.

Feb 18
Someone threw a life ring with a strobe light overboard from the Yakima ferry. The crew went out in a rescue boat and retrieved the ring.

A 15-year-old Friday Harbor girl was charged minor in possession of alcohol after grocery store employees caught her leaving without paying for two six-packs of beer, two sodas and some bubble gum which were in her backpack.

A 56-year-old Eastsound man was arrested after he reportedly took a camera from a 52-year-old woman. She said he put her in a headlock and took the camera.

Feb. 14
A Friday Harbor man called deputies after his neighbor's beagle repeatedly entered his yard and disturbed his plants.

Feb 13
A 61-year-old Ketchum Idaho woman, who used to date Ernest Hemmingway, reported that her mailbox had been removed. She suspects the 45-year-old woman next door to be responsible and possible jealous.

Feb. 12
A Lopez Island woman reported a 34-year-old Lynnwood man was violating conditions of his sentencing by calling her.

A 36-year-old Lopez Island woman was sent a warning letter for animal at large.

Feb. 10
A deputy saw a 25-year-old Friday Harbor man leaving a convenience store with a 12-pack of beer.

A 41-year-old Friday Harbor man was walking his dogs on a leash in the open space between Tarte Road and Gibbs Drive when he said he was threatened by an older man. The older man, who walks his own dogs without a leash, said he would harm the Friday Harbor man's dogs if he walked them without a leash. “Never walk your dogs with out a leash!” he cried.

Feb. 8
A 22-year-old former Friday Harbor woman now living in Bellingham was seen in a Friday Harbor tavern in violation of court-ordered conditions. She admitted drinking two beers.

Feb. 7
Someone took eight pink plastic flamingoes from a flock of 15 on Crow Valley Road.

A 28-year-old Orcas Island woman reported a violation of a protection order. A 32-year-old Eastsound man had left a message on her answering machine. He said he had received the order and didn't like it, and that she was a bitch and lousy lover.

Feb. 5
A 15-year-old Friday Harbor boy reported his I-Pod missing. Deputies didn’t know what an I-pod was.

A 102-year-old Friday Harbor woman was cited for passing a stopped school bus. He claimed that he had now idea what a school bus was, let alone the imaginary force field that surrounded them. His license has been suspended.

A 50-year-old Lopez woman reported a 34-year-old man was violating conditions of his sentence by calling her on the phone. He said he had received the order and didn't like it, and that she too (see above) was a bitch and lousy lover.

Feb. 4
A 29-year-old Friday Harbor man reported two cans of silver spray paint, were missing from his 1998 Ford Pickup truck.

Someone used silver paint to spray “Brian James f**king owns this Sh*t nigga” on a car parked in Friday Harbor.

A 1979 Volvo parked in the Port of Friday Harbor upper parking lot and used for storage of boat parts. The owner realized it is now missing. The last time he saw it was three years ago.

Feb. 3
A 24-year-old California man was pulled over for speeding 27 mph in a 25 mph zone on Mount Baker Road. He told the deputy he was on his way to Friday Harbor.

Feb. 2
A 71-year-old San Juan Island man reported dogs had killed one of his sheep. A deputy went to the False Bay Road property. A large sheep there was almost completely eaten. Chewing and gnaw marks were seen on the bones. The deputy suspects that it was something bigger than a dog, something dangerous and hungry, something with big teeth.

A 62-year-old Deer Harbor woman reported an ongoing problem with someone removing light bulbs.