gang bang


I have already created the future. It follows suite with the second law of thermal dynamics and all we know of know physics. It is times arrow, everything moves toward entropy, including ourselves.
Entropy is fascinating.

The more complex something comes, the more it is susceptible to destruction. A pile of sand is low en-tropic. You can just slide it around, a sand castle is high en-tropic. One finger can destroy it.

Now apply this to every empire that you can think of… the Romans, the Ottoman, the Gaul, the British, the French the New Holland Dutch.

Their dependencies were all something outside of themselves. An arms race of stupidity into lands that they would never understand. On the planet earth there is only one example of this working, the United stated of America.

The Dutch tried, the English tried all passages to China, a magnificent failure, Shackleton then to Antarctica to seek death…
There were probably kids that could understand this and navigate this at the age of 15 if they would just listen.
But it seems inevitable.

I will tell you this, the more complex you become the more you will end.
How do you just move, in the world, in this society, just move, drop all the access weight and just be.

native amercian