to my boys


The world and the people are more beautiful than you can ever imagine. First of all, governments never really represent the people or really anything but their own power to change law to their advantage. Our own government started out like this… they said something “no taxation with out representation” but who was getting taxed? The rich, they didn’t want to get taxed anymore so they created their own country. What was the first thing they did when they became their own country “tax” the people. Ha, ha.

Actually since the beginning of time, this has happened over and over again, watch out for those cats that talk about “taxes” basically they don’t want to pay their dues.

You have to pay your dues.

Life is weird like this. Just like you have to fall in love once, just like you have to have your heart broken, just like you have to understand the world and your place in it and have that completely erased at least once… and start all over… this is life.

It is really, really, really, good to fail, fail often and fail young. It will teach you so much. Just go out and fuck it all up. it is your god given right to fail in our 20’s

Some of my best times were absolutely failing at such a young age, I was so scared that I would never find my place, never get a real job, never be my Dad who was a ship captain at the age of 27… I went to collage and wasn’t challenged, so i left, my dad was so pissed. it wasn’t me, I was told I would never have a job, I would never be anything.

This is never true, there are a couple of truths out there.
Most of the worlds billionaires dropped out of collage, most of the worlds billionaires read a shit ton of books.

You don’t have to be a billionaire.

You just have to read a lot, read and read some more, because it will make you more human than human.

And this is what is going to be important in the future.
The more human you become in a world of AI, the more you will valued. The more you can understand and idiosyncrasy, the smile, or a flick of the hair of a girl you are interested in, you will be a god, the more you can talk, listen, talk and listen, listen, and listen some more and adapt.

You will be a therapist, a boyfriend and pleasure. Be pleasure on the planet earth, be something that people want to be around, be good.


Smile all the time, laugh, laugh all the time… I don’t think AI can do this, it might take a stab at it, but it will never be real. When you crack someone up and they crack you up, that is what we call a deep relationship. Crack the world up.

Be funny


Love everything, it is crazy how fast everything moves, love everything love your legs, your arms, love the seat on your plane, love the mountains, love your cats, love your parents, love, love, love everything.

I cannot express this enough.

There is not a moment, a second in my life where I am not thinking about your and all the love I have for you. You are me, I am you…
All my pain all my love.

As I kiss you goodnight.

The first thing I do when I come home is I kiss you… you are mostly asleep, I kiss your wet damp sweat foreheads and feel complete.
So as I was saying, the world and all the people are some of the most beautiful things you will ever see, I travel all around the united states and I interact with a lot of the first peoples. When I say this mean native Americans who suffered some of the biggest atrocities, they are absolutely some of the most beautiful people you can ever meet, their humility, their humor is the best. When I hang out with these cats I have faith in all of humanity.

We might have good comedy, they have great comedy, trauma creates the best comedy. The best sense of humor, the most resilience.
What I am saying to you is embrace the chaos, it will make you complete, it will make you whole.

So at the end of the day…
I cannot get over all the beauty that I see, all the people, all the love that we absolutely have the capacity for but we don’t unleash, if you do anything, don’t wait, unleash your love and be unabashed, fail with our love, put it in wrong places, but keep giving it. It is the greatest gift that we have as humans, perhaps it is the only thing that separates us from all other species and the future of AI

Love some more

and love again. but above all love yourself