When Finn was Born


Finn came into the world crazy. There were hours and hours of us just waiting for him, just dancing for him, it seemed liked the longest moments to start your real life. It was like we just people watching movies, but when Finn came we would be complete. At and instinctive level we knew this. We were just fake humans until we had a kid, Well that takes a long time.

So we danced.

And danced some more, I remember dancing with Kim and watching Kim’s mom dance, Teri Dance with Kim and thinking, when will all the dancing end. We were so hungry. I wanted to eat the world, I wanted to eat my own sock. And we danced some more, and danced and danced… she was in a smock of sorts an always standing up, always standing up. Finn was in there somewhere, but I thought it would never happen. Her belly with Finn, me dancing, mom dancing, it just didn’t seem possible, it seemed like we would dance all night and call it quits..

“well you gave it a good shot”
“wouldn’t it have been great. To have a kid”
“yeah baby, you gave it your best go”

It sort of seemed like that wasn’t going to happen… but kids are funny like that, they are coming, it is coming. You are not unique. You will giver birth and everything will be all right.

So Kim was in some doggy style position, Finn came out with Dr Walter’s gentle twist of a wide shoulder, Finn was blue and Virginia freaked out until he started to cry and mom said over and over again

“Oh my god”
“Oh my god”
“Oh my god”