James: the cat next to me in his hotel room is blasting Fox news, it is coming trough the walls and into my skin, even with my head phones on. How did we get here?

Spillane: maybe this is just how things are.

James: when did we become this though, I mean, what is this?

Spillane: an expression

James: an expression of ignorance. The most frustrating part of this is arguing with folks that are too dumb to understand what you are saying, but more importantly, are too dumb to understand that what they are saying already negated themselves.

Spillane: itís a feeling, probably at the end of the day it was something about having a black president.

James: but it leads to this?

Spillane: I know what you are thinking I havenít done all this shit to be here. It will get better.

James: I think the same way, this will end, this will sunset, stupidity is stupidity. I just thought people were smarter than this, over the last year I realizedÖ it is the guy in the next room, that thinks he is winning.

Spillane: medium is like that, it expresses itself, this is what people want, they have hate, they were repressed, it will work itself out. I think this is something you donít know. There is this fear with people, they always have had it, its exploitable.

James: so its been exploited

Spillane: absolutely.

James: wouldnít these folks feel exploited

Spillane: hell no, when you tell someone you are right, they are all over that.

James: but how does it end, what proof do you need? A video tape of the president pissing on American POWs in Russia while saying, ďAmericans are so stupidĒ would that be fake news.

Spillane: how are you doing

James: ok?

Spillane: what do you want at the end of the day?

James: its not that, what I want is human beings to read more books, learn more, be better and stop being lead.

Spillane: so what are you doing about that?

James: nothing

Spillane: donít you think you should get more kids reading. Donít you think you should get more adults reading, what are you doing.