I put her in an epigram
I placed her in my heart like a clock that works
Hoping that some how I could scrape off all this excess rotten skin
Or cover it anew

We were down in San Diego and I was eating too much. I was eating fish and oyster and lobster tacos. I was eating freeways and sea waves. I was eating chocolate cake and colored kids. My stomach was exploding with Mexicans speaking Spanish and sandy beaches that irritated my sunburn. I was getting so fat. Gordo, Mucho Grande. I was falling in love again. We got a hotel and a hot tub and a back rub falling asleep to cable. We danced and drank and drank her. I am so full, busting at the seams. Stretch marks, condominiums and silent movies hanging in my hips like gunslingers.

This clock that works, I want to jam it all up and take it home with me. So full of life. The fat on my sides.