darjeeling limited


they are all running... look at these assholes.
they are running to save kids in some river in India

they are running to their mother after the death of their father

then they meet real death, from a father a mother who cared

"i lost mine"

they are so lost looking for connection that they don't even see it when its the biggest thing you can lose, they sort of feel it. sort of know it... then cut scene goes back. will they get to their mommy?

will we get to our mommy.

now its all about a car?

they are retarded

tearing it apart, trying to whip a dead horse to run. a jump start.

they steer it in, there is a good classical music element playing in the whole background.

dumb cunts
now they are in India
the kid is dead.

they are burning a kid

people are in the river washing themselves

these boys are retarded
lost and stupid in the world without their mother.

mother where are you they scream
where are our mothers.

boys without mothers are fucked. that's all i get out of this movie.