travel tips


I'm in Savannah for a couple of days, wondering around and taking in all the sights. I could live here if I had an air conditioner permanently attached to me. It's absolutely beautiful, gigantic live oaks lining the streets with Spanish moss hanging down. Twenty-three little squares throughout the city, etc. I'll stay at least another day and then head north to the Carolina's. Along the way I've learned a few things about traveling that I should pass along.

1. Buy bug spray! If you go a few days w/o buy some Benadryl Cream.
2. Alligators are best viewed from up in a tree, unless there is a snake in the tree, or a tick waiting to give you lime disease. Maybe you should just skip the whole alligator thing.
3. Slim fast really does taste better chilled!
4. Before spending hundreds of dollars getting your car looked at because it was running a little hot, you should check the fuse to your little fan. If it needs replaced, you can do that yourself for about 20 cents.
5. If you’re heading South, East is on your right, or is it your left? Always carry a compass, and for crying out loud, learn how to use the damn thing. I've got one mounted to my windshield (Thank you Liz) but from where I've been and how I've gotten there you'd think I was using the Hula Dancer mounted in my rear window (also thank you Liz)
6. When hanging a tarp for a little rain shelter, make sure the dirty side is face up. If you screw this up, the whole time your sitting under your little creation reading in a comfortable chair (I got mine for $6 @ Bed Bath and Beyond) you'll have all the dirt, moss, leaves, dead bugs falling on you. -Not fun!
7. Make quick note of where you park when in a new city. Trust me on this one.
8. When looking for the visitors center in Atlanta, try not to let a bum help you, at least not the all too friendly Alan. He'll insist you pay him for his services BEFORE you discover that is in actually leading you to a near by quick mart to purchase a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20
9. A Volkswagen Golf sleeps one uncomfortably.
10. When you leave “the fort” for a day to go exploring, be sure the rain cover is on, NO MATTER WHAT THE WEATHER IS AT 9am. Otherwise see tip #9.
11. The little game of "where did I put my keys?" gets more and more exciting the further you get from home.
12. If something should happen to fall off you car while cruising down the freeway, I suggest you just leave it there. Why bother stopping when it will most likely be to hot to touch, and do you really think you'd know how to reattach it? After a while I’ll bet you won’t even notice it is missing.

I hope that you'll find these little hints helpful whether you’re driving to work or on a road trip... I have more notes about how to safely use the comfort stations at most state parks, but I'll save that for later.

Take care!
Love Tony