notes on the notes


Notes I recently found in my pocket on a yellow sticky pad that I stole from Chris’ house after drinking too much rum and watching too much TIVO.

1. Wesley documentry hoax. (an idea I had, in which wesely and I confront chris, and tell him that Wesley dosnt really exist, that he is in fact, a hoax.)

2. Mosters Ball-difficult. (This note probably refers to me watching the movie Monsters Ball, understanding some hidden message and then realizing it was too difficult for me to continue watching.)

3. Iron growning out of the China Pearl. (The China Pearl is a pub in Friday Harbor… sitting in chris’ living room, I some how imagine large Iron “I” beams expanding and growing out of the floor, much like an old windows screen saver.)

4. Contour cloud, x-ray, float on, mamogram [mammogram]. (I am not really sure what I wrote or what it meant, or why I replaced the word ultrasound with the word ‘mammogram’ but I think this note refers to a video that chris showed me earlier in the day.)

5. S&L: Hartman, Farley. (skipping through the channels I run across and old Saturday night live skit featuring both Chris Farley and Phil Hartman and I think, ‘they are both dead’)

6. the word, “meal” followed by, “most complicated of all time!” (I have no idea what this note refers to.

7. things underneath-bed story-kid. (I was scared of things that were underneath my bed?)

8. The cleaning values of fire. (I think everyone, when trying to show total disgust upon witnessing something, should pick up a piece of paper and light it on fire, then throw it on the ground in protest.)

9. Less than Zero-frist class, Nostalgia-FH-come back-Cody. ( I have thought about this offen, when watching the movie Less than zero, for the first time, I thought that amazingly enough my friend Cody would make a perfect Robert Downey JR. then upon returning home to Friday harbor, I realized that Cody is living at home and actually at an all time low in his life… I also thought it was weird coincidence that Robert Downey’s own life mimiced that of the movie.)

10. Rich people work out in swimming pools.

11. God has big plans

12. When you hit the word button-volume, it says Bitch! (again, I have no idea what this means.)

13. In bed with Girl.

14. last human to witness last human suicide-allready. (this story, in where there is a guy and girl and they happen to be the last humans on earth, well the girl commites suicide, and upon realizing this, the man understands the selfishness in the act, being that it was actually a double suicide, and if you count the unborn baby, it is a tripple suicide.)