mother daughter sexy time


I recently frond out that a dear friend of mine is going out with a 19 year old girl. At first I reprimanded his decision making. After all he is almost 30 years old, until a saw the female that he is "dating." And I say dating, but in actuality he is making booty calls. These calls mostly happen late at night around two in the morning. Apparently this young lady has quite the sexual appetite, to include pornography and dildo usage, but probably most important she loves to give head. I listened to the stories coming out of my dear friend's mouth with both disgust and interest. I ask you the reader, is it wrong for a 30-year-man to be engaging in this activity with a woman barely out of high school. I also ask you the reader, would you engage in this activity? Here are some more things that might persuade your decision making. This woman, who I met last night for the first time happens to be extremely attractive. Ass, tits, tattoos, humor, wit and intelligence. I myself soon found that I had an attraction to her, but here is the kicker. My friend then informed me that he is not only making love to this young Lolita but is also screwing the mother. Pictures were demanding on my behalf. And she was hot, super hot, only 39 years old and nothing less than a bomb shell, and worst part is that the mother knows of the daughter. Do they share dildos? Yes. What? I yelled, I barked, I jumped up and down and rubed my hands together. This cannot be! Does the daughter know of the mother? No, but knows of the mothers sexual activity with younger men. Of course this story now prompted me to engage in extensive research of both the mother and daughter combo. Drive-byes and surveillance are needed, accidental bump-ins at the grocery story check out lines are needed, dialog needs to be exchanged, this mother of sexuality who literally spawns sexuality needs to know that I am bored, I am single and bored, and creative, and active, and ready.
And no, I will never use words like "ass, tit, slut, blow job, pussy, dildo action lesbians, extreme anal hardcore," to increase the number of hits the wrldmrine website gets. No I do not care about my extremely long cock google rating. Or that fact that hot mom seduces daughters boyfriend in dildo fuck frenzy, or that people actually type words and phrases into search engines, stuff like, "mature woman takes it in the ass," or "young vixen needs a fixing," the purpose of this ramble to ask you the cock hungry whore reader, is it moral for an adult male to have sex with both mother and daughter. It is about morality. About a higher ground, it is about ass pounding action. Please respond and let me know if I need to interact, and help guild me through this world of hot dripping wet snatch.