things of need


When thinking of band aids, I think of women. anything medical and hygienic and I think of women. I remember once terribly slicing open my hand and realizing as a bachelor that I not only had any band aids (the cut itself required stitches) but I had no antibacterial ointments, hydrogen peroxide, medical tape, ace bandages, or gauze which got me to thinking of all the other things that I did not have or own in my possession that always seemed to be around, or taken for granted when living with women, things like tweezers, small scissors used for trimming nose hairs, those scrunchy looking plastic like balls that are used in showers, moisturizer, toe nail clippers, nail files, scotch tape, glue sticks, butter racks, milk dispensers, and little nick knacks like coasters used in serving tea and coffee… do I need this stuff, and what do I do when something like a terrible cut happens? Well when slicing open my hand I went to a lady friend's house, who instantly took care of me, and began to think that maybe women have this natural nurture instinct, that they browse the aisles of markets looking at band aids, and think about the men and children in their lives. This prompted me to make a decision, much like women come to men when they need jars to be open, or oil to be changed, or things to be nailed, assembled and put together, and the feeling that the man gets upon this act, like he is helping, and the smiles exchanged, and possible openings for intimacy. I have now decided not to carry any such products that have to deal with extensive personal hygiene, nurturing, beauty care, or medical. Instead, I will use these opportunities as an "in," for example, when I need tweezers, or lotion for a sunburn, or band aids for a nasty scrap, I will call a female friend up, enter her apartment and receiver her instinctual motherly care. I will play off my lack of knowledge, and make her feel needed and wanted, and then needed again. This interaction will most likely move forward to love making and nurturing. I in return will hammer things and screw things and carry things and fix things. And all of this exchange will total in what is to be perfect match.