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Best Friend: another foil to the main characters, is actually a main character in own way due to the numerous, almost iconic references made by the protagonist about the best friend. Best friend is built up in imagery almost as if invented, or a representative of something better. In reality the best friend has an excellent job, most likely Microsoft. Both the protagonist and best friend come from similar backgrounds but chose different paths. The best friend went to college, got the job then got married, where the protagonist got married, was forced to get a job where he tried to attend college, all of which ended miserably, which is the back story and/reason why the protagonist taking on this current endeavor. The best friend makes more than enough money to project any sort of desperation, or dreamer like quality that the protagonist seems to harbor. Yet terribly bored with his mundane life, which consists basically of work and home and nothing much in-between. The best friend is highly intelligent with a large amount of movie and music knowledge that he constantly is injecting into conversations that only a select few understand (mainly the protagonist) this knowledge will also counter balance the historical facts constantly being voiced by the protagonist. The audience themselves will find enjoyment in seeking out all the lyrics, movie quotes and song references (think cable guy) this character will be fun to watch mainly because of this trait. Best friend has two extremely funny stories to deliver, one story being about a midget traffic guard in orange vest that he accidentally runs over, and later in court claims that he believed the midget to be a traffic cone. The other story will be about his first kiss, his first love and his first dance. He will tell the story in a methodical, (as if been told before) highly descriptive, nostalgic way… this character will be one of the funniest to watch. (Luke Wilson circa bottle rocket) only looking for fun and excitement, not as serious as protagonist, has nothing better to do with his time.