never wearing my seatbelt


1.LL Cool J and rap video where he has little white dingle berries hanging from his arm pits. He must use some talcum powder based deoderent, maybe Degree.

2.getting better at buck hunter

3.triple kill

4.an art show entirely devoted to terrorist rock stars. Uzi’s, ski masks, trans-ams, heavy metal and bitchs

5.LL Cool J getting eaten by a large shark

6.dipping chew, spitting a whole bunch, getting sort of stoned, then feeling sick to my stomach

7.large paintings with single color backgrounds and outline pictures of cody holding shotguns and x-box controllers

8.playing x-box, shooting pigeons, halo, buck hunter, drinking beer, spittng, all this talk about terrorism… and I hear “she showed me the beach, she gave me a peach, she put on the suntan lotion”

9.then chris e-mails me: Hey, I was thinking…we should do something. Take a trip or something. Just me and you. A little guy-bonding time type stuff. I am thinking camping. Now that I am married with a kid on the way, I guess this is how I would go about ‘scheduling’ something like that…send you an email…maybe a meeting request…drop a few hundred on supplies…you know, heineken, dogs, burgers, tents, heaters, radios, fishing rods, 12 gauges, spotlights, knives, matches, various propane products. The idea behind it is just you and me getting away from stuff for a while. Doesn’t have to be camping, that is just something that came to mind. Maybe go up to your Pop’s place. He would make a nice 3rd. Something we could do where we could go, get drunk, sit out late at night, take pictures, enjoy the sun and the summer as a whole. Drink too much, talk about life…a time to smell really bad without having to worry about it. Kinda like a mini-sailing trip from yesteryear. I feel like we need to get away from people to reconnect for a bit. Maybe later this summer after I get back from florida.

10.Let me know what you think.