surf updates from wes


Here is a summary of my day:

I met Grant and Maria at Nai Yang at 7:30 am. This is quite early for
me; I'm not sure how I made it. Nai Yang was flat and not working. I
mentioned that Kalim was big yesterday so we headed there to check it
out. I arrived first on my Suzuki Sprint bike; Grant and Maria were not
to far behind in their Suzuki Caribbean.

I had a quick roti and ice coffee and then jumped in. The conditions:
There was enough size; but it was closing out a bit to fast; most of our
rides were short and sweet. I had a few nice wipe outs. During one of
those nice wipe outs the board or fin sliced my right shit[n] deeply. It
was nearly to the bone and about 1.2 inches long. Grant recommended we
stay and surf so we did. Other than the gash on my leg the day went
well. Only rights. My last wave was the wave of the day; I rode it all
the way to the beach. It just kept reforming so I took advantage. After
breakfast on Patong beach we checked Kata; nothing worthwhile.

Nai Harn turned out to be chest to head high but too fast for my left
skills. I waited for the right waves and managed 2 nice lefts and then
two nice rights during the first hour. The next hour was uneventful and
we capped it off with some icy cold beers.

Next I paid a visit to the local surgeon to have my wound taken care of.
Because I waited more than 7 hours to go in the doctor recommended he
"Explore" deep into the wound for any infection causing bits of sand.
The next step was to snip out some of the "dead" tissue. He then put in
5 stitches and called it good. 1020 Baht. $25 usd. All in all it was
still a good day. Just remember the long wave at Kalim and things will
be alright.

Thanks and standing by...