spooky tooth


Modest mouse nigger, yeah I said it. Spooky tooth. Can’t get over all this\ Falling in love with everything but myself’

-Can’t tell the difference between Paula Abdul and Janet Jackson

Fat is fat
And this is this

Called her up and watched her words fall like Tetris across my mind; I kept trying to place them.

-How did hip hop artists get so rich? They have million dollar rings. Spooky tooth’s

What do you want to know?

We need to keep it real. I am growing a beard and spitting more often and I don’t care about how I look when I go to work. I just want work, good honest work, with sun and movement and sweat, take me out of all that fake guidance-counsel-particle-board shit… I need to move, to constantly move and bring it home, bring it home.

Nigger work!

Yes of course, keeping it real always keeping it real. White, the new black.

-Call me

I will, I will drive over there and spend 25 mins getting my drunk dick hard

-Stick me

You are stuck, it is better when it is wet and I don’t have to spit on my dick to stick it in, can you handle that?

My mobile is going off like a high school bell.